Merry Christmas, From Summer’s Mixtape


Anonymous asked:
you're so perfect ahhhh love me please

Aww thanks annon

iwillselfdestruct asked:
Hey there prob a long shot but by any chance do you like acoustic pop punk, if so you might be interested in this new acoustic project from the UK called All For Amends , i started it about a month ago and im not sure about it yet if you know what i mean, if you want to find it on facebook just type in /allforamendsuk thats if you like that sort of stuff hahaha.

Hey man

Checking it out now :) always up for new music.
If you’re interested in Aussie Pop-Punk check out my band

/summersmixtape on facebook :D

Summer's Mixtape~ FYI Sux2bu
Anonymous asked:
Uhmmm haiiii c: marry me

I am not Husband Material, Thanks though :)

Anonymous asked:
i find you incredibly attractive but you probably think that of yourself too. nice blog you run here ;)

I think i am pretty average :/ but thanks… i guess?

Anonymous asked:
You are gorgeous!!!

Thank you :D